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Coming Out of the Rub

I had the bathroom re-carpeted last week to hide the stains. The estate agents, Bunty Fleiss, assured me the house was fully refurbished, that every last stain was removed. But they are still there. The stains belong to Marcus Firman, a cardiovascular surgeon, and his jaunty wife Annette, the special needs teacher at our local primary school. (drama)

Young at Heart

Lana hasn’t changed at all since I initiated the affair. She is still the same woman I left gentle, refined, sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. She has the vitality and physique of a woman half her age. (sci-fi)

Two Girls

Two girls find sex, love, and intimacy in a secret garden in the heart of the forest. What can possibly go wrong? (steamy)


Two college students from vastly different social classes, Alex, and Jacqui, are set up on a blind date by Suzie: sunbathing on Wittering Beach, then a romantic candlelit dinner. Alex is a hermit who has never known love. He worries Jacqui might not turn up. Fears she’ll break his heart if she does. The date starts badly and gets progressively worse… (romance)

What is the Point, When?

‘What is the point, when…?’ ‘The point, Lieutenant,’ the captain interrupted, ‘is that these inhumans are infected. They only have to spit in your eye or kiss your mouth to infect you, understand?’ (horror)


‘A twenty-first century Hansel and Gretel. A tour deforce of descriptive writing. Utterly relentless.’

‘Woo! A cross between Sweeney Todd and Silence of the Lambs! Love it!’

Mae! You don’t want to meet her on the last train home. It’s getting dark outside. (dark)

The Kissing Gate

She vowed to love him until the end of time. He promised to love her for all eternity. (romance)


I’m busy creating Thrill Ride, my first audio-visual novel, due out this Autumn – wish me luck!


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rules are there to be broken

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your dreams come true.’

Two girls find love in a secret garden at the heart of the forest. What could possibly go wrong? A paramedic meets an angel – on social media. A cocktail barman’s life changes forever when he serves Sex on the Beach to an alluring model. A woman suffering from bristling skin meets a man who might be able to help, just as she is about to jump in front of a train. An adulterer rediscovers love as she struggles to cope with breast cancer. A widower seeking reconciliation with his ex-wife is haunted by his dead bride. Chaos erupts when a schoolgirl develops a crush on her chemistry teacher. A clone falls in love with her human toy. A promiscuous backpacker meets a virgin at a house party – and loses all her self-control. A mother is wracked with guilt over her limb-deficient artist daughter. A grieving wife stuns mourners at her husband’s funeral with an impassioned protest. A bag lady has an intimate affair with an aquatic pond creature. A female intruder takes a girl to the brink in their erotic encounter.


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He didn’t know what to do with her at first. Her behaviour was erratic and daring. Her love, the tactile touch, their passion, intoxicated him. Then, when she came to him, he smelt the animal scent on her, she savoured his strange taste, and they lost all self-control.


I write romance, science fiction, fantasies, drama, dark, and erotic stories, and poems. Working with outstanding female actors Isla McNair, Nikki Delgado, Cherry Pie, and Linnea Sage on the audio-stories is a cherished dream come true. Stories are supported by flip-page e-books, so you can read the story, watch the show, and listen at the same time.

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Message in a Sealed Letter

I am delighted to feature a beautiful romance written by Adam Carlton.


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Jason, Coming out of the Rub

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Isla, Nikki, and Cherry perform my stories. Aren't they sensational?!

Isla McNair

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Cherry Pie

Pivotal Moment

She cycled up to me as I waited in the shade. Her floppy flowerpot hat gave her an elfin look. Half her face was cast in shadow, half was bright with the flaming sun. A round, happy face: toffee nose, shiny almond eyes, a candy twist in her smile. So sweet! My diminutive woman. A string of beads graced her neck, shining on her nut-brown skin like a white halo. She wore a skimpy black bikini top flecked with navy blue, soft summer shorts and faded canvas shoes. The locals told me she roasted by the sea. A sun child with skin as dark as caramel. Adorable! She sat astride her bicycle, one foot on the pedal, tiptoe on the ground, applied her brake, and watched. There was an old stone fountain in the square with a crude protruding spout which poured water down the worn rock face into a dark pool. Embedded in the edifice was a warning sign. Refraining from drinking, I splashed ice-cold water over my burnt face and chest, intoxicated by the thrill of its refreshment. She rang her melodic bell. ‘Ring me anytime!’ it chimed. And then I made my wish. She cycled up to me as I waited by the wishing well. I held her in my arms, and we kissed. That was the moment I fell in love with her. The moment I knew I wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together.

And I haven’t regretted a single moment since.