‘I take you to the hot tub, we down some gins, we do the show, then, I take you!’

Maybe, she smiled smugly to herself, I’ll take you!

He put on his tightest thong. She dressed in her tiniest bikini.

Happy, so excited, they made their way to the bubbling tub.

Human sealions, ready to perform.

Dare you share a hot tub with Belle?  I promise, she’ll love you to death.


Halloween Special:


1644: Following Seth’s disclosure under torture Julia is captured, discovered then publicly persecuted as a witch.

But Julia isn’t the witch. Alice, her mystical lover, a pretty little thing with frizzy hair and freckles…

Heathen from Basque – Love Stories


Midnight, the Rutting Season. Pearl, a Clone, escapes from a secret research laboratory in the Highlands – and Lauren, her human Toy. An anti-animal testing story with emotional, disturbing sensual overtones.

Say Hello to Pearl – from Basque – Love Stories – featuring a Scottish Ruth at her most electrifying.

Coming Soon

I am working on a new sci-fi romance, Primordia, about the discovery of a new born planet in the outer reaches of the solar system – and Tiernan and Rose, the unlikely couple who are hibernated and despatched there start a new, equal civilization. So many twists and turns, lifeforms! I’ll keep you posted. I’m already at 59 pages.

Aubin Daubert is a new fantasy about an online encounter that changes a woman’s life.


I was thrilled to bits to have the opportunity to read Snowdrops live to Brentwood Writer’s Circle who gave me a round of applause, and Mulberry Writers who told me the story was brilliant! So here it is, from Basque – Love Stories, beautifully voiced by Ruth.



‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your dreams come true.’ – Simon in Basque, the title story – hear the exclusive live extract, incredibly performed by Ruth.


‘HJ does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. They feel real and draw you into their stories as you connect with their lives and experience how they see the world. Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page.’ ***** Amazon review.

Short stories that capture the imagination

‘An entertaining collection of short stories, most are between 20-30 pages. Furl’s character portrayals and interesting plotlines give them a good level of depth. A fun read!’ ***** Amazon review

If you do decide to buy Basque, buy the paperback – this is a “book book” not an e-book for the simple reason that the stories are arranged in chronological order from 1644 to 2021.

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Ruth Pownall

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Cherry Pie

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Salt Marsh - ghostly goings-on!

Meet Your Voice Actors

Ruth, Cherry, and Nikki perform Is It Love? Aren't they sensational?!

Ruth Pownall

Ruth is an Actor and Voice over Artist originally from York. She has voiced commercially for Amazon, Fujitsu, Morrisons and McCain and worked with clients from the US on an audio-book series for Apple. On screen Ruth played the lead role of Mia in The Voyeur (Film), and featured in The One Show, Jack Whitehall’s Backchat and Meet Me on The Southbank. Contact Ruth at:

Cherry Pie

Cherry, a Professional Voice Over Artist, is a well-spoken, educated, twenty-something woman living in the North of England with a BSc in Criminology and Psychology. Cherry can be contacted at www.Fiverr.Com 

Nikki Delgado

Nikki is a professional actress and voice over artist from the UK. With over 10 years’ experience working onstage alongside 7 years’ experience in Marketing, Nikki has worked together with over 1,000 Clients on Radio Ads, Narration, Bestselling Audiobooks, Adult Stories, and You Tube series.

Nikki can be contacted at

From Where I Sit

From where I sit, I can see the dried-up riverbed that once flowed, the empty ocean that teemed with shoals of fish. They are all dead now, stifled, in a blink of Humanity’s eye, victims of our self-imposed apocalypse.

From here, I see the hunger lands we both knew as flourishing fields of golden barley. Grazing pastures alive with horses, cattle, sheep. Hidden delights: badger setts, moles burrowing, grass snakes – legless lizards basking under the decimating, deadly sun. Filled now with famine, starvation, strife. Shadowlands for the grieving survivors, the chosen few who pray for the end to come.

Here I sit, gazing at your concrete tower blocks, prisons to the poor, the fearful, locked-in captives of never-ending quarantine. Suckling on the skeletal breasts of social media, milking your discontent, disparaging opinions, rebellious intentions, faded dreams – for all their useless worth.

I see you! Fearing me. Mask-on-face. Standing metres away from me. Sanitiser on hands. I smell your sweat. Feel your hot breath on my cheeks. Catch the teardrops streaming down your face.

See you, pining, yearning for a lost love, our love, a love that can never be consummated.

You see, I’m infected, contagious, spreading like the wildfires burning in the rain forests.

I’m your virus, your destiny, your future – Earth.

It’s too late for you to change your heartless ways.

Think it’s time I left now.