HJ Furl explores the fragile lines we draw between thrills, love and obsession with a host of vulnerable characters in our new normal world of isolation and controversy. It is five-sixteen, rush hour, Poet’s Day: time for Stretch Class. An assassin faces certain death by lethal injection. Chaos breaks out in a remote medical research facility when a human clone escapes captivity. A man and a woman struggle to come to terms with the emotional effects of  the pandemic. A homicidal religious maniac shelters homeless young men in her bedsit. A chance encounter abroad leads to love and enjoyment. A pig-worshipping cult encounters unexpected danger off a tropical beach. An astronaut becomes emotionally attached to his life support system. A stress victim suffers from incurable bristling. A deranged wife prepares to kill her husband with his garden spade…

Is It Love? they seek, a quick thrill, or an enduring obsession?

How will you love when the harsh realities of new normal become too much to bear?

Will fantasies be your only salvation?


I live in a remote lighthouse on the coast with my two Siamese cats, a robot, and live-in lover. When I am not busy dreaming, I comb the beach for unusual shells, and your plastic waste, saving stranded marine mammals. Of indeterminate age, I love to swim in the ice-cold ocean to keep myself looking young.

Is It Love? is my second anthology. I will add more stories as I go along. I’ve divided the tales and poems into Stories, Dreams and Questions.

I know, I’m a nightmare! I’d like to thank the Team at Web Creation. I’m thrilled with the new website, you taught me so much.

Working with Ruth, Linnea and Cherry on the audios is a joy-ride, a cherished dream come true. We’re having an amazing time, bringing the characters to life:

“HJ is a dream to work with! An Actor’s dream! Fantastic material, creativity and imagination! Gives me the most wonderful experience and is extremely complimentary at every opportunity. Has excellent communication throughout, giving me constant feedback. Thank you so very much, HJ.”

Ruth Pownall

“What an amazing project! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I love the website.”

“I love every minute of working with HJ. This has been by far the best project I’ve ever done.”

Cherry Pie

I write from images: cuttings from glossy magazines and the incredible creations of the many artists at Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels. Their images are all startling, stunning. A huge thankyou to the brilliant photographers and artists.

If you enjoyed my website and would like to contribute to the costs of production and recording, please use one of the donation links on the pages.

Thank you so much for reading me, and listening to us,

HJ x

Content Advisor:

18+ contains strong sexual or violent content.

16+ contains mild erotic or disturbing content.

All stories and audio tracks Copyright HJ Furl 2020

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Meet Your Voice Actors

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that Ruth Pownall, Linnea Sage and Cherry Pie are narrating and voicing the stories for Is It Love? Linnea has voiced all of the stories for Is it Today? Aren't they sensational Actors?!

Ruth Pownall

Ruth is an Actor and Voice over Artist originally from York. She has voiced commercially for Amazon, Fujitsu, Morrisons and McCain and worked with clients from the US on an audio-book series for Apple. On screen Ruth played the lead role of Mia in The Voyeur (Film), and featured in The One Show, Jack Whitehall’s Backchat and Meet Me on The Southbank.    Contact Ruth at www.

Linnea Sage

Linnea Sage sensationally brings to life the disarmingly vulnerable characters, subjected to distressing conflict, in Is It Today? Linnea, a Professional Voice Over Artist, has done voiceover for a range of national commercials, cartoons, smartphone apps, online courses, and special projects.

Cherry Pie

Cherry, a Professional Voice Over Artist, is a well-spoken, educated, twenty-something woman living in the North of England with a BSc in Criminology and Psychology. Cherry can be contacted at www.Fiverr.Com 



Of Habitat, and Hope

The anti-mermaid lives outside her mythical habitat, struggling to swim against the tide of modern life. She’s Covid, coughing, gasping for air, drowning in an alien murky sea of despair, an ocean of grief, pain and sorrow. But she is tough: a fighter, a lover of the good, a kind nurse, a caring soul, an example to us all. Megan will make it through, grow a mermaid’s tail of her own, and live to be free. Happy. Content. Swimming in the warm swell of love which tends us all. Her underlying torrent of strength, her bubbly, frothy, inexhaustible hope a driven will to overcome the odds that will surely see us through.

For the Ill, the heroic Nurses and Doctors in Hospitals, and the Carers in Homes, and at Home.

HJ Furl May 2020

Listen to the Story Voiced by Ruth

hjfurl · Of Habitat and Hope from Is It Love?