Love Stories

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed. Make you happy. Make your dreams come true.’

Looking for Love? Intimacy. Devotion. Passion. Obsession. Infatuation. Addiction? Odd love that defies conventions. Daring invitations to love. Love that breaks the rules.

  I write unusual love stories. Pearl loves a human toy. Marion shelters homeless young men. Allen is haunted by his dead bride. Julia is persecuted as a witch. Taylin stuns mourners at her husband’s funeral. Marie paints snowdrops – with her mouth. Evie battles Cancer. Georgie is promiscuous. Simon loves Animals, Lizzie, and Joely.


rules are there to be broken

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About the Author

I live in a remote lighthouse on the coast with my two Siamese cats, a robot, and Meg, my live-in lover. When I am not busy dreaming, I comb the beach for unusual shells, and your plastic waste, saving stranded marine mammals.

Of indeterminate age, I love to swim in the ice-cold ocean to keep myself looking young.

I left behind Essex, a land of shabby suburbs, mixed with ancient forests, that dwells in the shadows of London, the world of nail-bars, coffee shops, bald-head barber’s, toxic beauty clinics, crowded gyms where no one takes off their headphones to talk, and lived to tell the tale.

Welcome to my Website

I know, I’m a nightmare! I’d like to thank the Team at Web Creation. I’m thrilled with the website, you’ve taught me so much.

Working with Ruth, Linnea, and Cherry on the audios is a joy-ride, a cherished dream come true. We’re having an amazing time, bringing the characters to life:

“HJ is a dream to work with! An Actor’s dream! Fantastic material, creativity and imagination! Gives me the most wonderful experience and is extremely complimentary at every opportunity. Has excellent communication throughout, giving me constant feedback. Thank you so very much, HJ.”

Ruth Pownall

“What an amazing project! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I love the website.”

“I love every minute of working with HJ. This has been by far the best project I’ve ever done.”

Cherry Pie

I write from images: cuttings from glossy magazines and the incredible creations of the many artists at Alamy, Unsplash, Pixabay and Pexels. Their images are startling. A huge thankyou to the brilliant photographers and artists.

Thank you so much for reading and listening to us.

HJ x

Content Advisor:

18+ sexual or violent.

16+ erotic or disturbing.

All stories and audiobooks copyright HJ Furl 2020 & 2021

The Girl with the Sun-Kissed Mole

Meet Your Voice Actors

Ruth & Cherry perform Basque & Is It Love? Aren't they sensational?!

Ruth Pownall

Ruth is an Actor and Voice over Artist originally from York. She has voiced commercially for Amazon, Fujitsu, Morrisons and McCain and worked with clients from the US on an audio-book series for Apple. On screen Ruth played the lead role of Mia in The Voyeur (Film), and featured in The One Show, Jack Whitehall’s Backchat and Meet Me on The Southbank. Contact Ruth at:

Cherry Pie

Cherry, a Professional Voice Over Artist, is a well-spoken, educated, twenty-something woman living in the North of England with a BSc in Criminology and Psychology. Cherry can be contacted at www.Fiverr.Com 


Friday Night 19th March 2021:

He wasn’t coming. She could feel it in her veins. Lizzie picked at her last few, stone cold greasy bacon and cheese loaded fries, rubbing her bare legs to keep warm. An unpleasant fluid flowed from her nostrils into her mouth. She wiped her nose with the back of her hand. How could she forget to bring a hankie with her on a night like this? She checked the time: ten past eight. He was an hour late. Perhaps she should give him up, go home?