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The redhead … asked me what I intended to do now that my mamaidh was dead and buried?

I just clasped my hands behind my back, mouthed an innocent: what do I intend? and blushed.

‘What would you like do right now, Isla?’ he said, ‘With me? Would you like to kiss me, girl?’

‘I’d like us to…

Like to know what happens to Isla McNair? Buy the book and find out!

Isla McNair must undergo a transformation and go on a journey, an odyssey that will ultimately decide whether she lives or dies.

Thrill Ride is my subversive, exhilarating, satirical novel: the ultimate battle of the sexes:

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Thrill Ride: Amazon.co.uk: Furl, HJ: 9781915930088: Books

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Basque – Love Stories

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed, make you happy, make your dreams come true.’  – but is it love?

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Amazon.co.uk: HJ Furl: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

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Well written, subversive, and exhilarating stories ****

Some for 50 Shades fans though not all: a series of well-told short stories which follow the changes, or not, in attitudes to women ****

Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page *****

Short stories that capture the imagination *****

Blushes in the Dark

Lock the door, shut the window, turn off the light, and go to bed. Blushes in the Dark: startling, steamy, noir, crime and dark fiction for bedtime! See trailer at bottom of this page.

Amazon.com: Blushes in the Dark: turn off the light: 9798363133435: Furl, HJ: Books


I write romance, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, dark, erotic stories, and poems. Working with outstanding female actors Isla, Nikki, Cherry, and Linnea on the audio- visual versions is a cherished dream come true. All of the stories (except Strange Taste which is too long) are supported by flip-page e-books so you can read, watch, and listen to them at the same time.

Thank you for your wonderful comments:

‘Your website is fabulous, HJ, I am in awe!’ – PFS, England.

‘WOW! Awesome site! There’s so much to do and interact with! I really enjoyed the stories I listened to. Will definitely come back for more!’ – MK, California, USA.

‘Just visited your website HJ and wanted to say how impressive it is. Easy to navigate and a wealth of fantastic writing. A visit to your site would be an inspiration to any writer.’ HWL, UK.


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I know, I’m a nightmare! I’d like to thank the Team at Web Creation. I’m thrilled with the website; you have taught me so much.

I am extremely proud to feature sensational voice actors Isla, Nikki, Cherry, and Linnea.

We’re having an amazing time, bringing the characters to life:

“It is always a joy to record for HJ. Her stories encompass so many different realms and atmospheres. Always well researched and exciting characters, HJ really does live in the world she creates. I love the variety of interesting and unique characters to voice, thank you HJ”

– Isla

“What an amazing project! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I love the website.”

“I love every minute of working with HJ. This has been by far the best project I’ve ever done.”

– Cherry

“Just finished recording a beautifully-written piece for HJ. Always a pleasure working on HJ’s incredibly written stories.”

– Nikki

I write from images, incredible creations of artists at Unsplash, Pixabay, Alamy, Getty, Pexels. Thank you all!

Most of all, thank you for reading and listening to us.

Find me at Booksie, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Bonnie Laird in Thrill Ride

Meet Your Voice Actors

Isla, Nikki, and Cherry perform my stories. Aren't they sensational?!

Isla McNair

Nikki Delgado

Cherry Pie

New Blushes in the Dark cover (currently being finalised by brilliant hmdpublishing who produced Thrill Ride

Blushes in the Dark

Turn Off The Light

Helen is attacked by a parasite on her garden patio. Mae tempts men to grisly fate on the last Tube home. Kait and Maddie find love in a secret garden in the heart of the forest: what could possibly go wrong? Joanna waits in captivity. Belle lulls her man into the jacuzzi. Claire has a total breakdown half-way across the Solar System. Jess hunts at night, or is she hunted? Tippi is brainwashed into a bizarre pig-worshipping cult. Izzy is infested by alien spores jogging thru the forest at night. Dani isn’t quite the charming femme fatale she seems. Amber stalks Martin seeking revenge. Suzie brings Jacqui’s darkest fantasies to life. Tess is stung by deadly jellyfish.

Lock the door, shut the window, turn off the light and go to bed.

There it is again: that rustling in my head.

Blushes in the Dark

Your Darkest Dreams Come True.