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Memory Foam

‘Dreaming about tooth loss is scary enough….
…but when you wake up to find you’ve lost your teeth.’

(Horror 18)

Thrill Ride

Isla McNair fights women for money, no rules, on the dark web. She undergoes invasive treatment to increase her muscle power in preparation for her greatest challenge yet: a fight with a man in a secret lodge by a remote Scottish tarn. Isla’s thrill ride, her one-woman fight for survival, has only just begun.

Thrill Ride is HJ Furl’s enthralling debut novel: the action-packed love story of Isla McNair the ultimate fighter at her most daring – in intimate, romantic encounters, and dangerous confrontations.

Parts 1 and 2 now streaming live here. Can’t wait for the story? Buy the book here:

Amazon.com: Thrill Ride: 9781915930088: Furl, HJ: Books

Thrill Ride: Amazon.co.uk: Furl, HJ: 9781915930088: Books

OUT NOW on Amazon: Thrill Ride!

Basque – Love Stories

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed, make you happy, make your dreams come true.’  – but is it love?

Amazon.com: HJ Furl: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Amazon.co.uk: HJ Furl: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Readers Reactions to Basque

Well written, subversive, and exhilarating stories ****

Some for 50 Shades fans though not all: a series of well-told short stories which follow the changes, or not, in attitudes to women ****

Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page *****

Short stories that capture the imagination *****

Strange Taste

I’ve re-released Strange Taste, the mini-book with a new cover. Scroll down for details!

Blushes in the Dark

Lock the door, shut the window, turn off the light, and go to bed. Blushes in the Dark: startling, steamy, noir, crime and dark fiction for bedtime:

Amazon.com: Blushes in the Dark: turn off the light: 9798363133435: Furl, HJ: Books


I write romance, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, dark, erotic stories, and poems. Working with outstanding female actors Isla, Nikki, Cherry, and Linnea on the audio- visual versions is a cherished dream come true. Stories are supported by flip-page e-books so you can read, watch, and listen to them at the same time!

Thank you for your wonderful comments:

‘Your website is fabulous, HJ, I am in awe!’ – PFS, England.

‘WOW! Awesome site! There’s so much to do and interact with! I really enjoyed the stories I listened to. Will definitely come back for more!’ – MK, California, USA.

‘Just visited your website HJ and wanted to say how impressive it is. Easy to navigate and a wealth of fantastic writing. A visit to your site would be an inspiration to any writer.’ HWL, UK.


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I know, I’m a nightmare! I’d like to thank the Team at Web Creation. I’m thrilled with the website; you have taught me so much.

I am extremely proud to feature sensational voice actors Isla, Nikki, Cherry, and Linnea.

We’re having an amazing time, bringing the characters to life:

“It is always a joy to record for HJ. Her stories encompass so many different realms and atmospheres. Always well researched and exciting characters, HJ really does live in the world she creates. I love the variety of interesting and unique characters to voice, thank you HJ”

– Isla

“What an amazing project! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I love the website.”

“I love every minute of working with HJ. This has been by far the best project I’ve ever done.”

– Cherry

“Just finished recording a beautifully-written piece for HJ. Always a pleasure working on HJ’s incredibly written stories.”

– Nikki

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Rosie in Memory Foam

Meet Your Voice Actors

Isla, Nikki, and Cherry perform my stories. Aren't they sensational?!

Isla McNair

Nikki Delgado

Cherry Pie

Strange Taste

Strange Taste

A Love Story

‘My name’s Georgie! Shall we go outside and play in the garden? Think we should go and sit on the swing now, don’t you? How does that feel, good? Would you like to make love to me? Don’t worry I’ll take care of you. There, now keep still, forget the world. And think about me!’

He didn’t know what to do with her at first. Her behaviour was erratic – and daring. Her love, her tactile touch and her passion, intoxicated him. Then, when she came to him, he smelt the animal scent on her, she savoured his strange taste, and they lost all control.

Out Now on Amazon:

Strange Taste – Kindle edition by Furl, HJ. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.