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I write quirky, dark and steamy stories. Working with outstanding actors Isla, Nikki, Linzie and Linnea is a cherished dream come true. Your comments mean the world to me, thank you:

‘Like a fine wine, hj furl’s stories are filled with pleasurable notes but sip judiciously lest you become enthralled,’ reader, Soon, She Must.

‘I adore the way you write!   Your prose flows with a stream-of-consciousness cadence and your descriptions are lush and colourful. The suspense and aura of menace built slowly to sheer terror at the ending.   Superb storytelling, dreamy erotic imagery. I look forward to reading more.’ reader, Two Girls USA.

‘I’ve never been a fan of long-reads, but this was worth every bit of my time,’ reader Jess USA.

‘Your website is fabulous, HJ, I am in awe!’ – PFS, England.

‘WOW! Awesome site! There’s so much to do and interact with! I really enjoyed the stories I listened to. Will definitely come back for more!’ – MK California, USA.

‘Just visited your website HJ and wanted to say how impressive it is. Easy to navigate and a wealth of fantastic writing. A visit to your site would be an inspiration to any writer.’ HWL UK.

Featured Stories

Fat: Meet Vicki and all of her ‘Friends’ in my unique introduction to Vicki’s complex moods, her influencers in the story, and characters. (Soon, She Must, a sexy, romantic thriller, 18)

Young Isla: Meet Isla McNair, anti-heroine of Thrill Ride, my erotic, violent (women fighting men) thriller,18)

Knight: She was floating in the ice-cold water. The crystal-clear water. Staring at the carp. Kicking and screaming. Her burnt sienna hair splayed. Her liquid mane of caramel wrapped around her face. Floating like a freefall foetus drifting in her full womb.(dark, erotic, murder,18),

Helen’s Friends: Schizophrenic hypersexual Helen makes love with the strangest friends. Is she needy, depressed, lonely – or is she  just insane? (daringly brutal, erotic romance,18)

Ana’s Orbs: ‘Swing those arms. Let your buddy roll like a porpoise in brine!’ A fun, holiday love story with a happy ending. (holiday romance, 16)

The Potting Shed: She felt his weight, his manly body bearing down on hers, igniting his passion with her promise, ‘It’s over, Allen, I promise. She’s gone. I can feel it. I can feel her, sweetheart, I can feel her…’ (supernatural drama, 18)

You: In her most revealing interview since her divorce from husband Jayson: Louys Red-Ball tells You the real reason why she walked away from her marriage. (drama)

The Arrival: Izzy is inseminated by alien spores during an evening jog thru the forest (sci-fi,18)

Night Sweats: My problem is night sweats. It’s a problem many of us suffer at this time of year. But why? (dreamy fantasy, 16)

Even More Stories

I’ve lost count of how many stories I ‘ve written since learning to write fiction in late 2016. The ones that can’t be found here can be read at h j furl on Booksie,  heard on SoundCloud or read, seen and heard at superb new free website Stars Rite – Read – Write- Publish

My Books

Soon, She Must

Food. Drink. Smoking. Sex. Love.

‘I generally avoid temptation…unless I can’t resist it.’

Soon, She Must…

The explosive new wake up call from HJ Furl. (exclusive live extract: 16)

Soon, She Must: Furl, HJ: 9798870488141: Amazon.com: Books

Soon, She Must: Amazon.co.uk: Furl, HJ: 9798870488141: Books

Thrill Ride

Isla McNair must undergo a transformation and go on a journey, an odyssey that will ultimately decide whether she lives or dies. Thrill Ride is my subversive, exhilarating, satirical debut novel: the ultimate battle of the sexes. Exclusive live audio-visual extracts featured on this website!

Amazon.com: Thrill Ride: 9781915930088: Furl, HJ: Books

Thrill Ride: Amazon.co.uk: Furl, HJ: 9781915930088: Books

Basque – 21 Love Stories

‘I’ll care for you. I’ll create an environment for you to live in that’s warm, comfortable, safe, secure, ensure you’re well-fed, make you happy, make your dreams come true.’  – but is it love?

Amazon.com: HJ Furl: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Amazon.co.uk: HJ Furl: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Readers Reactions to Basque

Well written, subversive, and exhilarating stories ****

Some for 50 Shades fans though not all: a series of well-told short stories which follow the changes, or not, in attitudes to women ****

Beautifully written stories that connect with your heart from the first page *****

Short stories that capture the imagination *****

Blushes in the Dark – 14 dark tales

Lock the door, shut the window, turn off the light, and go to bed. Blushes in the Dark: startling, steamy, noir, crime and dark fantasies for a nightmarish bedtime:

Amazon.com: Blushes in the Dark: turn off the light: 9798363133435: Furl, HJ: Books


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I know, I’m a nightmare! I’d like to thank the Team at Web Creation. I’m thrilled with the website; you have taught me so much.

I am extremely proud to feature sensational female actors Isla, Nikki, Linzie and Linnea.

We’re having an amazing time, bringing the characters to life:

“It is always a joy to record for HJ. Her stories encompass so many different realms and atmospheres. Always well researched and exciting characters, HJ really does live in the world she creates. I love the variety of interesting and unique characters to voice, thank you HJ”

– Isla

“What an amazing project! Thank you for a wonderful experience. I love the website.”

“I love every minute of working with HJ. This has been by far the best project I’ve ever done.”

– Lizzie

“Just finished recording a beautifully-written piece for HJ. Always a pleasure working on HJ’s incredibly written stories.”

– Nikki

I write from images, the incredible creations of artists at Pixabay, Pexels, Alamy and Unsplash. Thank you all.

Most of all, thank you for reading and listening to us.

HJ x

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Ana in Ana's Orbs

Meet Your Voice Actors

Isla, Nikki and Lizzie perform my stories. Aren't they sensational?!




Pivotal Moment: why can't we all live and love in peace and harmony?

Pivotal Moment

She cycled up to me as I waited in the shade. Half her face was cast in shadow, half was bright with the flaming sun. A round, happy face: toffee nose, shiny carbon eyes, a candy twist in her smile. So sweet! My diminutive woman. A string of sweat graced her neck shining on her nut-brown skin like a white halo. She wore an open shirt flecked with navy blue, soft summer shorts, faded canvas shoes. The locals told me she roasted by the sea. A sun child with skin as dark as caramel. Adorable! She sat astride her bicycle, one foot on the pedal, tiptoe on the ground, applied her brake, and watched.

There was an old stone fountain in the square with a crude protruding spout which poured water down the worn rock face into a dark pool. Embedded in the edifice was a warning sign. Refraining from drinking, I splashed ice-cold water over my burnt face and chest, intoxicated by the thrill of its refreshment. She rang her melodic bell. ‘Ring me anytime!’ it chimed. And then I made my wish.

She cycled up to me as I waited by the wishing well. I held her in my arms, and we kissed. That was the moment I fell in love with her. The moment I knew I wanted us to spend the rest of our lives together.