Bella, Joe and Zac

Everything Changes from What Would God Think by Luna Walter (18+)

It was late morning, two days after Patrick’s party. There was no food in the house and Joe had gone out to the shops. He had told Bella he would not be long, and Bella was lying on the settee in the main room, with her eyes closed and the music playing. She was hungry and waiting for Joe to return so they could cook something up for lunch…


About the Author

Luna Walter was born in the English Countryside and still lives in Worcestershire. She is very dyslexic and never meant to write a book. In fact, this book started its life as several thousand drawings and a few dozen pottery figures. Turning it into words has taken years.

Luna works as a commercial artist and a tutor; teaching mostly students with learning difficulties, special educational needs, brain injuries and mental health issues.  She appeared in a BBC, Panorama program back in the 1970’s, as a perfect example of a child struggling with dyslexia and has found reading and writing a challenge all her life.

This story is based on a disturbing dream that the writer had whilst in a very unhappy marriage, it is a fantasy and bears no reference to any real-life circumstances. Writing this book has been a great achievement for Luna, and the somewhat quirky writing style may take some getting used to. However, this book is a testimony to the fact that having a difficulty in life is not a reason to give up, but more a reason to not give up and to keep on trying.

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