A behavioural psychologist and a geneticist, specializing in human behaviour, study the effect of genetic mutation on several couples on a boozy night out at a local bar. The human’s behaviour disintegrates into chaos as the women get drunk and their stupefied male partners look on helplessly. The climax of this psychological sci-fi thriller is sensational and disturbing!


Meet the Characters: Professor Hayley Colorado DPhil, Behavioural Psychologist (olive green top, glasses): Professor Elliot Detroit DPhil, Geneticist Specializing in Human Behaviour ( jacket, blue shirt over white vest, glasses): Suzie McPhail (blood-stained white smock, rose tinted spectacles): Alex McPhail (petrified, buttoned chequered creamy yellow shirt, dandruff-flecked red sweater, glasses): Karen McNiel (knowing look, salmon halter neck top, round spectacles): Liam McNiel (pensive, purpled face, horn-rimmed spectacles): Paula McVeigh (busty, grey vented dress, round shades): Delmont McVeigh (blank “out of it” expression, glasses removed): Fleur McPherson (pink vest, blue denim shorts, blonde hair, luminous war paint): Liam McPherson (hiding behind cannabis plant, shades): Marnie McTavish (blonde, short red crop top, faded denim shorts, pulling at hair, glasses): Ewen McTavish (surprised, “spaced-out” look, beard, quiff, pink-tinted spectacles): Debbie McIntyre (smug look, braided hair, glasses): Bartender (proud Germanic look, grey hair, glasses) … and Doug.

Featuring sensational Isla McNair