Toy...and Pearl

Say Hello to Pearl

‘Shtop teashing me,’ Toy whistled with the lisp she’d endured: taunted and jeered at since birth, ‘There ishn’t a fire. Or a coat. Jusht me in thith thilly thlip.’ ‘Come to bed with me, Toy. I’m a big girl now!’ ‘I know that, do you think I don’t know that?’ ‘Well then, come to bed.’ Midnight, the Rutting Season. Pearl, a Clone, escapes from a secret research laboratory in the Highlands. First, she has to kill Lauren, her human Toy. An anti-animal testing story with emotional, disturbing, sensual overtones.

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Pig Beach

We took Tippi with us on our annual pilgrimage to Pig Beach. Now, before you start pointing fingers at us, apportioning blame for what happened, let me tell you about our dark, fair-bird…. (16+)

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Marion, her tramp

Marion Filbert

‘Tell me something.’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Tell me last night meant something to you.’ ‘Last night meant something to me.’ ‘Don’t be a child. You know what I mean. Why, I’ll wash your mouth out with soap and water!’ A homicidal religious maniac, searching for love, shelters homeless young men in her bedsit.

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Virginia and Brian

2020: The Marital

The rhyme ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ refers to the things a bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day to have a successful marriage. And like most superstitions, it doesn’t entirely make sense. A deranged forty-something, trapped in a loveless marriage, attempts to kill her ailing husband with a garden spade.

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Furl and Sandie


He became physically and emotionally attached to her during their one-way voyage to the stars. The scientists, light years away on Earth, warned him that this might happen. Subconsciously, as they lay facing each other in their hibernated state, and at their re-awakening. But he never expected to fall in love with her. (18+)

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God Bless Ya!

She was sweeping the floor when I crept in. Sharleen. I took the pink ticket from my wallet, and walked up to her altar. There was a silver- bell, a tinker-bell. I rang it. She ignored me…

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‘Save me for later, eh?’ verb: to entice or tempt someone. noun: attractiveness. allure: the power a mysterious, attractive woman exerts over a young man in sickness and in health.

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The Girl

The Girl on the Bus

I saw the girl on the bus today. Standing in the wasteland by the burnt-out shell of the reactor… (16+)

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If you see a kooky-looking midget with a cracked white porcelain face eating popcorn in your local high street don’t stare at her. Claudia was born with a swollen brain, mental, and physical deficiencies… (16+)

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Maud and Lydia

Unbelievable Highs

Maud was stressed, flustered, hot and bothered. Her cheeks flushed. Her flesh prickled with unbearable heat. Thick sweat ran down her body, pooling in an annoying wet patch in the small of her back… (16+)

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The Potting Shed, Antonia, Allen... and Ruth

The Potting Shed

‘It’s over, Allen, I promise. She’s gone. I can feel it. I can feel her, sweetheart, I can feel her…’ Allen, seeking love and reconciliation with Antonia, is haunted by his dead bride, Ruth. (18+)

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Sergei, Ekaterina and Gleb

Supposed Paradise

Imagine a beautiful expanse of turquoise water, a white sandy beach, inflatable beach toys, and women lounging around in bathing suits… now pollute it! (16+)

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Jane Bond, Heidi, Swallowtail


‘The name’s Bond,’ she said, sadly, ‘Jane Bond. Shall we get it over with?’ (18+)

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Linda Newman, Josephine Bunsen, and Michael Dunster

Pretty, Still

Linda, a schoolgirl Lolita, develops a teenage crush on her demented Chemistry teacher, Mr Dunster. A story with an explosive ending. A tale of revenge – by a laboratory assistant spurned.

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Ana, him, and her Orb

Ana’s Orbs

‘Very gut job! Feel your toes, feet, calves, thighs, hips, chest, neck, nose, mouth, head, roll your eyes back und drift away!’ A delightful holiday romance with an astonishing twist in the siren’s tail.

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Wioletta and Della

Worried About Wioletta

I’m worried about Wioletta. She’s only small. I haven’t seen her since bedtime last night. That’s cool. She likes to hide and play. But she hasn’t come up for air since. And it’s getting dark outside…

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the woman, bristling with love, passion and dependency

The Bristling

‘What’s the matter? Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?’ ‘No, I only treat male patients.’ A woman suffers from seemingly incurable bristling. She meets a man who might be able to cure her just as she is about to jump in front of a train. A touching, sensual, erotic love story. (18+)

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The Hide

‘Will you see the Hide?’ A quirky day-to-day love story ending in an unanswered question.

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There is no door or window, Joanna is alive in captivity. (18+)

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The Man, Gloria, Joe and Sophia

Dream, to Me

He feels lonely and unloved. Every night he surfs the internet in search of love. Will his dream come true? Or will he find despair?

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Chantal, Faith... and Dani

Knight in Shining Armour

Chantal strutted onto the patio, glided down the stone steps, threw her lady-bundle onto the sun lounger, and faced the camera. The sun lit up her burnt sienna hair… (18+)

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Why, Is It?

‘Is It Tonight?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Why?’ (16+)

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Deborah, her eye

The Appearance

The shape was clearer now: an umbra, an unyielding circular sunglass surrounded by a thick black line, fading. The vision in the rest of her eye was just a blur. Her good eye shut. And she went into total eclipse. (16+)

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Stretch Class

Stretch Class

It is five-sixteen, rush hour, Poet’s Day, on Friday 20th July 2029. Time for Stretch Class… (16+)

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Selected, Really?

‘Promise me, you’ll die after me, Callum.’ Imagine life shielding, if you suffer from a rare incurable medical condition where you dare not bleed. Now imagine that you have been selected for a possible cure. A story about caring love, tinted with a glimmer of hope.

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The Hut

The Hut lies beyond the auld groin. The rotting sea timbers cut a black swathe through the estuarial slime. It is dusk. The man-sucking, fermenting morass of ragworm-infested mud flats stretches as far as the eye can see… (18+)

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jellyfish, Tess

Red Sparkle

‘How big were these jellyfish?’ Tess spread her hands apart more than a foot, ‘Oh, these were big ones, David!’ (18+)

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life in the trenches

Myrtlesham Halt

306 British soldiers were executed in the Great War for offences as minor as sleeping in the trenches. One of their widows, Helen, leads a solitary life in the Suffolk countryside, until her life is transformed by the arrival of a young soldier.

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snowdrops, Marie


‘I had the loveliest dream, Maman,’ Marie said, pushing herself into an upright seated position with her strong legs, ‘I dreamed I fell in love with a man.’ ‘Ah, but that is a lovely dream, Cheri!’ A moving depiction of Maman, a mother’s love, guilt, and responsibility for Marie, her limb-deficient artist daughter.

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‘Think I’m vain, don’t you Mum?’ ‘I don’t think you’re vain, poppet. You had a thick vein. It needed to be cut out. I paid for you. He cut it out.’ (16+)

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My Girl Gillian

My girl Gillian was a girl in a million. I know she was because Archie Harradine told her so…

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Taylin Stuns

‘My husband and I were married for seven years, too long in my opinion.’ Taylin stuns mourners at her husband’s funeral with a highly personal protest.

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The Girl with a Sun-Kissed Mole featuring Jane Bond and Alison

The Girl with a Sun-Kissed Mole

‘You can put your gun away, Commander. Come in and give me a hug. The water’s lovely and warm!’ (18+)

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Ghost, Abigail, Tim and Elspeth

Salt Marsh

The boatmen said she has haunted the marsh at the same time every evening since she disappeared, presumed drowned, in the estuary at Salt Marsh. Some spoke of her aura, an iridescent green hue which surrounded her as she trod her way across the mud at night. (16+)

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Evie and Scott

Evie’s Downfall

‘On this day, I give you my mind, heart, body and soul. I promise I will fly with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us, together, living, dying, loving, forever and ever.’ Evie, an adulterous woman, and Scott, her nerdish, gadget-obsessed fiancé, rediscover love as they struggle to beat Evie’s terminal breast cancer. Mia, her sister, tries to get Scott to accept the inevitable.

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Cheese and Shin

‘He accused me of forgetting to order the mature cheddar cheese for today’s Lasagne Verdi.’ ‘And did you?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Well then…’ An insightful account of a cheese shortage and a major incident involving fermenting shin of beef. The real action takes place in the Manager’s Office – behind closed doors, with Avril.

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Intimate Exchange

‘Yeah. I’ve an older sister, Bebe, twenty-one. She’s beautiful made-up. We’ve plain faces. We paint our faces. For you men!’ Gail snorted, ‘Bebe’s a Beauty Queen. She’s engaged to Pete, he’s an engineer, like Dad.’ An intense encounter between catering students Keir and Gail which begins in the college restaurant on their first morning of lectures and ends, abruptly, in the canteen – just after lunch.

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That I can live my life with you, is all that I can pray. That I can learn to love you more every passing day, That you will find fulfilment in all the things we do, That we enjoy the happiness which lives in love so true, That when you go to heaven, I’m waiting there for you. Following Seth’s disclosure under torture Julia is captured, discovered then publicly persecuted as a witch. But Julia isn’t the witch. Alice, her mystical lover, a pretty little thing with frizzy hair and freckles… (18+)

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