Toy...and Pearl

Say Hello to Pearl

Midnight. The Rutting Season. Winter came early to the pine forest of Tannochbrae. Snow fluttered down in heavy flakes, white poppy petals on an alien Remembrance Day. There were eight mounds inside the fence, mounted with inconspicuous little red crosses like Christmas decorations. Testimonials to their earlier efforts. Failed experiments… (16+)

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Pig Beach

We took Tippi with us on our annual pilgrimage to Pig Beach. Now, before you start pointing fingers at us, apportioning blame for what happened, let me tell you about our dark, fair-bird…. (16+)

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Marion, her tramp

Marion Filbert

‘Tell me something.’ ‘Yeah.’ Marion cups her ample breasts into her tea rose bra, ‘Tell me last night meant something to you.’ ‘Last night meant something to me.’ ‘Don’t be a child. You know what I mean. Why, I’ll wash your mouth out with soap and water!’ (16+)

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Virginia and Brian

The Marital

The rhyme ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ refers to the things a bride is supposed to wear on her wedding day to have a successful marriage. And like most superstitions, it doesn’t entirely make sense. (16+)

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Furl and Sandie

Umbilicus (18+)

He became physically and emotionally attached to her during their one-way voyage to the stars. The scientists, light years away on Earth, warned him that this might happen. Subconsciously, as they lay facing each other in their hibernated state, and at their re-awakening. But he never expected to fall in love with her. (18+)

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God Bless Ya!

She was sweeping the floor when I crept in. Sharleen. I took the pink ticket from my wallet, and walked up to her altar. There was a silver- bell, a tinker-bell. I rang it. She ignored me…

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Allure: verb: to entice or tempt someone. noun: attractiveness, appeal. Allure: the power a woman has over a man. (16+)

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The Girl

The Girl on the Bus

I saw the girl on the bus today. Standing in the wasteland by the burnt-out shell of the reactor… (16+)

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If you see a kooky-looking midget with a cracked white porcelain face eating popcorn in your local high street don’t stare at her. Claudia was born with a swollen brain, mental, and physical deficiencies… (16+)

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Maud and Lydia

Unbelievable Highs

Maud was stressed, flustered, hot and bothered. Her cheeks flushed. Her flesh prickled with unbearable heat. Thick sweat ran down her body, pooling in an annoying wet patch in the small of her back… (16+)

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The Potting Shed, Antonia, Allen... and Ruth

The Potting Shed (18+)

‘It’s over, Allen, I promise. She’s gone. I can feel it. I can feel her, sweetheart, I can feel her…’ (18+)

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Sergei, Ekaterina and Gleb

Supposed Paradise

Imagine a beautiful expanse of turquoise water, a white sandy beach, inflatable beach toys, and women lounging around in bathing suits… now pollute it! (16+)

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Jane Bond

Swallowtail (18+)

‘The name’s Bond,’ she said, sadly, ‘Jane Bond. Shall we get it over with?’ (18+)

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Linda Newman, Josephine Bunsen, and Michael Dunster

Pretty, Still

Michael flossed, slooshed, cleaned his teeth, then went to his room. He dressed expediently – slipping on a pair of tan punched-wing brogues- collected his leather satchel, and flew out of the house… (16+)

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Ana and I, her orb

Ana’s Orbs

Ana had changed into a sexy, full-length, black evening dress, split as high as her waist. Her partner caressed her hips. She drew him in and kissed him deeply. They seemed to be well acquainted. (16+)

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Wioletta and Della

Worried About Wioletta

I’m worried about Wioletta. She’s only small. I haven’t seen her since bedtime last night. That’s cool. She likes to hide and play. But she hasn’t come up for air since. And it’s getting dark outside…

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the woman, bristling with love, passion and dependency

The Bristling (18+)

The bristling invaded her scalp like itchy dandruff, infuriating her, forcing her to push her wavy bronze hair back behind her ears, and scratch her crown. It spread like wildfire, tainting her face, her swan-thin neck, with an invisible rash. (18+)

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The Hide

We were lost. We missed the village twice.  Darcy consulted the atlas spread across her bare knees, ‘Ellsbury Wick must be here, somewhere, back there?’

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There is no door or window, Joanna is alive in captivity. (18+)

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The Man, Gloria, Joe and Sophia

Dream, to Me

He feels lonely and unloved. Every night he surfs the internet in search of love. Will his dream come true? Or will he find despair?

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Chantal, Faith... and Dani

Knight in Shining Armour (18+)

Chantal strutted onto the patio, glided down the stone steps, threw her lady-bundle onto the sun lounger, and faced the camera. The sun lit up her burnt sienna hair… (18+)

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Why, Is It?

‘Is It Tonight?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Why?’ (16+)

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Deborah, her eye

The Appearance

The shape was clearer now: an umbra, an unyielding circular sunglass surrounded by a thick black line, fading. The vision in the rest of her eye was just a blur. Her good eye shut. And she went into total eclipse. (16+)

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Stretch Class

Stretch Class

It is five-sixteen, rush hour, Poet’s Day, on Friday 20th July 2029. Time for Stretch Class… (16+)

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Selected, Really

Marlene and I snuggle up together, lying on top of the bed, mid-afternoon. When the sun feels fiercest on our skins and our stomachs have had time for lunch to go down. Very carefully, she climbs off of me. (16+)

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The Hut (18+)

The Hut lies beyond the auld groin. The rotting sea timbers cut a black swathe through the estuarial slime. It is dusk. The man-sucking, fermenting morass of ragworm-infested mud flats stretches as far as the eye can see… (18+)

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jellyfish, Tess

Red Sparkle (18+)

‘How big were these jellyfish?’ Tess spread her hands apart more than a foot, ‘Oh, these were big ones, David!’ (18+)

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Someone Like You

Someone Like You by Meaghan Kalena

I didn’t expect to find the photo, but one grab of the large cardboard box, and it bounced out from the stool it was on. I heard that you’re settled down Read more stories by Meaghan Kalena on Booksie:  

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Marnie’s Child

Marnie wants the perfect child. She wants a boy. I want a girl. We set about creating new life… (16+)

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life in the trenches

Myrtlesham Halt

Suffolk, 1946: It was snowing when the train pulled into Myrtlesham Halt. (16+)

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snowdrops, Marie


‘I had the loveliest dream, Maman,’ Marie said, pushing herself into an upright seated position with her strong legs, ‘I dreamed I fell in love with a man.’ ‘Ah, but that is a lovely dream, Cheri!’ (16+)

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‘Think I’m vain, don’t you Mum?’ ‘I don’t think you’re vain, poppet. You had a thick vein. It needed to be cut out. I paid for you. He cut it out.’ (16+)

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Jacqui and Suzie

Occasionally (18+)

‘Do you wear stockings?’ Occasionally, you’ll find a pair of black stockings with a red suspender belt in the top drawer. She looks around. We’re alone in the moonlight… (18+)

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Bella, Joe and Zac

Everything Changes from What Would God Think by Luna Walter (18+)

It was late morning, two days after Patrick’s party. There was no food in the house and Joe had gone out to the shops. He had told Bella he would not be long, and Bella was lying on the settee in the main room, with her eyes closed and the music playing. She was hungry and waiting for Joe to return so they could cook something up for lunch… (18+) About the Author Luna Walter was born in the English Countryside and still lives in Worcestershire. She is very dyslexic and never meant to write a book. In fact, this book started its life as several thousand drawings and a few dozen pottery figures. Turning it into words has taken years. Luna works as a commercial artist and a tutor; teaching mostly students with learning difficulties, special educational needs, brain injuries and mental health issues.  She appeared in a BBC, Panorama program back in the 1970’s, as a perfect example of a child struggling with dyslexia and has found reading and writing a challenge all her life. This story is based on a disturbing dream that the writer had whilst in a very unhappy marriage, it is a fantasy and […]

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My Girl Gillian

My girl Gillian was a girl in a million. I know she was because Archie Harradine told her so…

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Rebecca by Adam Carlton

I go to my special place, retrieve it and put it in her hand. She clasps it in front of her face, pursing her lips as though preparing to kiss it. “Don’t do that! It’s not clean.” Defiantly, she slowly slides the key down the fabric stretched around her body, down towards her thighs. Uses it to pluck at the hem of her nightdress, pulls it revealingly back, holds the moment, gives me a mischievous, teasing smile… (16+) About the Author Adam Carlton has a background in artificial intelligence. His participation in a left-wing political organisation precludes further information although he has this to say: “In the demi-monde of a darkening Paris I write the dreams and nightmares of a society in turmoil.” Adam has had stories published in The Ronin Express, volumes 7 and 8, and by the Aphelion Webzine. Link to PDF of his short stories: Short Stories 2019 by Adam Carlton: Link to Adam’s Booksie portfolio:

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Taylin Stuns!

Scandal spreads like plague in our little hamlet. Taylin carefully removes her fishnet mittens, picks a sheaf of papers off the lectern, and reads: (16+)

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The Girl with a Sun-Kissed Mole featuring Jane Bond and Alison

The Girl with a Sun-Kissed Mole (18+)

‘You can put your gun away, Commander. Come in and give me a hug. The water’s lovely and warm!’ (18+)

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Ghost, Abigail, Tim and Elspeth

Salt Marsh

The boatmen said she has haunted the marsh at the same time every evening since she disappeared, presumed drowned, in the estuary at Salt Marsh. Some spoke of her aura, an iridescent green hue which surrounded her as she trod her way across the mud at night. (16+)

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Evie and Scott

Evie’s Downfall

Evie’s heart-breaking story. An adulterous woman fights cancer, as her husband struggles to cope. Ruth Pownall gives her most emotional, tear-jerking, performance yet. (16+)

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strange taste, the girl

Episode 1: Tension

‘My name’s Georgie,’ she disclosed, ‘Shall we go outside and play in the garden?’ (16+)

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swing, sweat, seduction

Episode 2: Swing (18+)

‘Think we should go and play on the swing, don’t you?’ (18+)  

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forget the world, think about me

Episode 3: World (18+)

‘There,’ she whispered, ‘Now keep still. Forget the world. Think about me.’ (18+)

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Cheese and Shin

It was Avril who alerted me to the deficiency in cheese. Not just any cheese. Not a blue-veined. (16+)

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mementos of my love

Episode 4: Keepsake (18+)

‘What am I meant to do with these?’ ‘Keep them, as a memento of my love.’ (18+)

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Katie, Rosalie, Kayleigh, and Matt

Episode 5 – Bonhomie

He slept on until early afternoon, then lay still, calm, reflecting on his unforgettable night. (16+)

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Intimate Exchange

She was sitting in the restaurant when Keir saw her, noticeably different in appearance from the other students. Smartly dressed in a creamy-beige blouse, her top three buttons undone, a dark brown corduroy skirt worn above the knee. (16+)

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Episode 6 – Reflections (18+)

‘I underwent my final metamorphosis, emerging as a beautiful imago for my unsuspecting lover after dusk.’ (18+)

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Episode 7 – Vixen (18+)

‘Kiss me, touch me, love me.’ (18+)

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Georgie making love

Episode 8 – Turmoil (18+)

‘They cut you there while you were wide awake?’ (18+)

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wild mushrooms. toadstools, magic mushroom, hallucination

Episode 9 – Addiction (18+)

‘Had enough now, thank you. Enough now.’ (18+)

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Episode 10 – Child

‘I dreamed I was a child again. After that I must’ve hallucinated.’ (16+)

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