Lana... and Maria

Young at Heart

Lana hasn’t changed at all since I initiated the affair. She is still the same woman I left: gentle, refined, sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. She has the vitality and physique of a woman half her age. (16+) Enjoy the story? Read Is It Today?

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Izzy, her alien encounter

The Arrival

‘What are you? Leave me alone! Get out of me, won’t you?’ (16+) Enjoy the story? Read Is It Today?    

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Mother Earth

I Saw Her Crying in Tom Planter’s Field

I saw her crying in Tom Planter’s field, The blonde-haired girl in black nobody knows…

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The Kissing Gate

The Kissing Gate

‘We’re supposed to kiss?’ she said, ‘To reach the garden? It’s a kissing gate? Get it?’ He didn’t get it. He shook his head, stupid man, none the wiser. ‘Men!’ she sighed, ‘What am I going to do with you, eh?’ A lonely man wanders through the wilderness in search of his dead wife and little boy. He meets a mysterious girl in the middle of the field where the crossways meet. He tells of his tragic Past. She shows him the Future. Together, they pass through the Kissing Gate, never to return. A tale of love, sin, sun, sex, sand, sea and redemption. (18+)

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‘I’m not distracted! Don’t say that!’ (18+)

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Ingrid with Karlsson


‘You cannot just die, sötnos!’ (18+)

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Red Rubber Ball

‘Did you think I was going to crack under the pressure? Go on, admit it, I had you fooled there, didn’t I?’

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Laura, night flight DO505


She notices a bug, climbing the seat in front. Dark-brown, shiny, size of her ring fingernail. Sees an even bigger bug, crawl out from behind the TV monitor which is still showing ‘It’s A Bugs Life!’ Tries to grab it! Stub it out! It’s too quick! It’s gone! Irritated, itching, she reaches up, and presses the illuminated service button, alerts the red-headed, red-faced, Irish-bred flight attendant. (16+)

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Alex, Jacqui and Suzie


Two college students from vastly different social classes, Alex, and Jacqui, are set up on a blind date by Suzie: sunbathing on Wittering Beach, then a romantic candlelit dinner. Alex is a hermit who has never known love. He worries Jacqui might not turn up. Fears she’ll break his heart if she does. The date starts badly and gets progressively worse… A story about love, respect, and the implications for new relationships.

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Braker, Sian


He is struck dumb by her native Welsh beauty, can almost hear the crash of the waves, taste the salt on his lips, feel the sand on his skin, from when she first made love to him, clinching, clamping together, stark naked on Morfa Dyffryn beach. Taut – a car crash victim stalks a gigolo hell-bent on revenge. #sexy #sleazy #crime Enjoy this Audio? Read the Book: Is It Today? on Amazon

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Linda and Daniel

Our Secret Place

Dear Linda, I found your old diaries this morning. I sat on the rectory bench where we used to meet, the weak autumn sun in my face, turning the faded pages of a life filled with love and tears. Do you remember the tennis courts where we played when we were young? They’re overgrown now, covered in moss, dying leaves, curling crisps of bronze and gold. Their nets are torn to shreds, like my heart. I closed your book and thought of all the good times we had. I miss you. Daniel xx Our Secret Place – a supernatural love story from Is It Today?

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Dying Wish

Lying comatose on top of the counterpane, dead from the neck down. The body twitched! The body lit up, in deep purple! The body came to life!      ‘Oh, my God! Charlie! What have they done to you?! Charlie! Charlie!’ Enjoy the Story? Read the Book!! Is It Today?

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Lovely Zoe 1 and Zoe 2

Letter to Zoe

Zoe stanned him, scrunched up against her in the conical capsule, from their floating observational pyramid.      ‘Seen him without his spacesuit?’ she banted, ‘He’s slaying! That beard’s so legit? Those muscles are snatched. Look at him! Gangsta! He’s proper peng. His crew cut’s butters, though!’      She pressed her pale round face into his, steaming him with her runny nose. Her eyelashes were fleek. Tears cascaded down her milky white skin, sticking her to him. Okay, she kidded herself, I’m calm!      ‘Love you bare, Michael,’ she mouthed. Like the audio? Read Is It Today?

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