Lana and Me, Maria

Young at Heart

Lana hasn’t changed at all since I initiated the affair. She is still the same woman I left gentle, refined, sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. She has the vitality and physique of a woman half her age.

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Izzy, The Arrival, alien orb, Iain's bike, Izzy and Iain

The Arrival

‘What are you? Leave me alone! Get out of me, won’t you?’ Izzy is inseminated by alien spores during an evening jog through the forest.    

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Vicki and Sam, Ana


‘I’m not distracted! Don’t say that!’ A disturbing tale of photo-erotic obsession.

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Ingrid Larsson, Karlsson, Olsson, Sveinsson


Karlsson, a male Swede, dies having sex with Larsson, a female Swede. Then Olsson and Sveinsson, get involved, and all hell breaks loose.

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Red Rubber Ball

‘Did you think I was going to crack under the pressure? Go on, admit it, I had you fooled there, didn’t I?’

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Jacqui, Alex, Suzie


Two college students from vastly different social classes, Alex, and Jacqui, are set up on a blind date by Suzie: sunbathing on Wittering Beach, then a romantic candlelit dinner. Alex is a hermit who has never known love. He worries Jacqui might not turn up. Fears she’ll break his heart if she does. The date starts badly and gets progressively worse… A story about love, respect, and the implications for new relationships.

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Jess and Charlie, Irvine, Charlie 2, Charlie 2's Lover.

Dying Wish

Charlie is killed in a car crash at Christmas – but that’s just the beginning, of Charlie. A heartening story of hope for Christmas? Or the prelude to Jess’s worst nightmare?  

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Dancers, Why?, nose cone art: WW2 US Flying Fortress, Sarah

Dancers, Why?

It is a freezing cold night in January 1945. The War is nearly over. Sarah is in the mood for love. She enters the village hall where she meets an American airman. He asks if she can dance the jitterbug. Sarah has been practising all day. They leave the hall. He walks her home. She asks if he would like to stay the night. The surprise builds up in Sarah like a white rabbit about to burst out of a magician’s hat.

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night sweats

Night Sweats

My problem is my night sweats. It’s a problem many of us suffer this time of year. But why?

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The Blue Girl

The Blue Girl

As sole survivor in this zone, I walk up to the tanks alone, To estimate the bodies lost, extrapolate the human cost, Of nuclear warfare on the few, who live here in the fluid blue. The sludge inside the first urn stinks, of rotting flesh, violets and pinks, I wonder if, suspended here, this poor boy used to dream or fear, The mushroom cloud that flourished here, as he clung to his girl… so near. The blue girl floats within her womb, the test tube-capsuled, frozen tomb, Inverted, nude, her lifeform squirms, her body warming up in terms, Of radiation-blasted heat, which peeled her skin off like a sheet, Her expectations sore-denied, her liver grilled, her kidneys fried, As she concedes the life that died, when doctors sealed her fate inside, A stasis tube of forlorn hope. I close my eyes, I claw and grope, Till I find her umbilical cord, and say the sacrificial word, Her cryogenic dreams decay, as I pull her sweetheart… away.

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Ana, Ana's Orb

Ana’s Orbs

‘Swing those arms. Let your buddy roll like a porpoise in brine!’ An unusual holiday love story with a happy ending.

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Adam and Jane, the Girl, the Flame-Haired Maiden, the Gate, 'forever in our hearts'

The Kissing Gate

She vowed to love him until the end of time. He promised to love her for all eternity. ‘I think this is some of your best writing yet!’ – reader

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Madison and Kaitlyn, and Cleft...

Two Girls

Two girls find sex, love, and intimacy in a secret garden in the heart of the forest. What can possibly go wrong? Note: all characters in this story are aged 18 or over.

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Apocalypse: Maria, Stephen, Kiran, Keira, Nathan, Renate, Matt, Rachel


A dystopian city divided by cruel apartheid into purists and undesirables faces annihilation by robotic drones. Maria tells tales, informing the authorities of the whereabouts of undesirables, sending them to certain death. Widowed by warfare, she must fight to save herself and her children, Kiran and Keira, as the bombs fall and the firestorm spreads through the city. Will she survive the holocaust, who will help her, and if she survives, will she atone?  

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Maud, Lydia

Unbelievable Highs

A businesswoman is confronted on a crowded commuter train by a strange beggar girl.

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body heat

Body Heat

I need you to love me today, Maria. Here inside the tree house. I don’t have much time left.

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Vicki, Rahel, Bee, Keira, Eva, Alyn, Annette, Gail, Mila, Max, AlIce, Olive, Bijou, Anlella, Mel, Bryce, food, Vicki's complex moods.

fat – meet Vicki

Food. Drink. Smoking. Sex. Love. ‘I generally avoid temptation…unless I can’t resist it!’ Soon, she must… Meet Vicki, her complex moods, and all her ‘Friends’.

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Our Secret Place

I found your old diary this morning. I thought of all the good times we had. I miss you, Daniel xx

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