Lana... and Maria

Young at Heart

Lana hasn’t changed at all since I initiated the affair. She is still the same woman I left gentle, refined, sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. She has the vitality and physique of a woman half her age.

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Izzy before, during, and after The Arrival

The Arrival

‘What are you? Leave me alone! Get out of me, won’t you?’ from Blushes in the Dark (18)    

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‘I’m not distracted! Don’t say that!’ A disturbing tale of photo-erotic obsession. (18+)

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Ingrid, Karlsson, Olsson


‘You cannot just die, sötnos!’ (18+)

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Red Rubber Ball

‘Did you think I was going to crack under the pressure? Go on, admit it, I had you fooled there, didn’t I?’ (16)

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Jacqui and Alex


Two college students from vastly different social classes, Alex, and Jacqui, are set up on a blind date by Suzie: sunbathing on Wittering Beach, then a romantic candlelit dinner. Alex is a hermit who has never known love. He worries Jacqui might not turn up. Fears she’ll break his heart if she does. The date starts badly and gets progressively worse… A story about love, respect, and the implications for new relationships.

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Dying Wish

Lying comatose on top of the counterpane, dead from the neck down. The body twitched! The body lit up, in deep purple! The body came to life!      ‘Oh, my God! Charlie! What have they done to you?! Charlie! Charlie! (16)

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Sarah, nose cone art: WW2 US Flying Fortress

Dancers, Why?

It is a freezing cold night in January 1945. The War is nearly over. Sarah is in the mood for love. She enters the village hall where she meets an American airman. He asks if she can dance the jitterbug. Sarah has been practising all day. They leave the hall. He walks her home. She asks if he would like to stay the night. The surprise builds up in Sarah like a white rabbit about to burst out of a magician’s hat. (16)

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‘What’re you waiting for?’ I slur, ‘Want you.’ Tuft ‘so sensual, a beautiful little story’ (18)

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night sweats

Night Sweats

My problem is my night sweats. It’s a problem many of us suffer from at this time of year. But why? (16+)

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Do they look alright? Do I?

Are They Really Me?

Are they really me? Do they look alright? Should the frames be black? Or should they be white? Is the glass too dark? Is the glass too bright? Should I wear them now? Should I wait till night? Is this really me? Do I feel alright? Should my skin be black? Should my skin be white? Are my thoughts too ‘girl’? Would a ‘boy’ feel right? Should I be one now? Should I change tonight? Am I really me?

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The Blue Girl

The Blue Girl

As sole survivor in this zone, I walk up to the tanks alone, To estimate the bodies lost, extrapolate the human cost, Of nuclear warfare on the few, who live here in the fluid blue. The sludge inside the first urn stinks, of rotting flesh, violets and pinks, I wonder if, suspended here, this poor boy used to dream or fear, The mushroom cloud that flourished here, as he clung to his girl… so near. The blue girl floats within her womb, the test tube-capsuled, frozen tomb, Inverted, nude, her lifeform squirms, her body warming up in terms, Of radiation-blasted heat, which peeled her skin off like a sheet, Her expectations sore-denied, her liver grilled, her kidneys fried, As she concedes the life that died, when doctors sealed her fate inside, A stasis tube of forlorn hope. I close my eyes, I claw and grope, Till I find her umbilical cord, and say the sacrificial word, Her cryogenic dreams decay, as I pull her sweetheart… away.

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A cocktail barman’s life changes forever when he serves Sex on the Beach to an alluring model. from Basque – Love Stories (18)

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Ana, Me, Ana's Orb

Ana’s Orbs

There was a Couples Race. I was forced to swim holding onto Ana’s shoulders. I lay against her back, feeling her taut muscles, the cleft buttocks, as she swam with me attached to her body, her willing limpet. We reversed roles. I was hopeless. I thanked Ana for helping me find my way to the edge of the three-tier swimming pool. She laughed heartily, told me to learn to swim, ‘Swing those arms. Let your buddy roll like a porpoise in brine!’ from Basque – Love Stories

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Georgie, Lindsey, swing, forget the world, Kayleigh, Matt, Katie, Rosalie, Strange Taste

Strange Taste

He didn’t know what to do with her at first. Her behaviour was erratic and daring. Her love, the tactile touch, their passion, intoxicated him. Then, when she came to him, he smelt the animal scent on her, she savoured his strange taste, and they lost all self-control. from Basque – Love Stories Strange Taste is also available as a mini-book / or VFM kindle (only 99cents / 77p!) on Amazon. (18)

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The Churchyard, The Girl at the Gate, Jane, Adam, The Flame-Haired Maiden, The Kissing Gate

The Kissing Gate

She vowed to love him until the end of time. He promised to love her for all eternity. (18+)

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Madison and Kaitlyn

Two Girls

Two girls find sex, love, and intimacy in a secret garden in the heart of the forest. What can possibly go wrong? from Blushes in the Dark (18+)

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Linda, Our Secret Place

Our Secret Place

After reading Our Secret Place live to my local Writing Group, I was asked if Linda really existed. She was my mixed doubles partner at school and is still very much alive, I hope. I used the local tennis courts for the story as they were overgrown awhile. Oh, and our secret place is still there, thru the hidey-hole in the hedge. – Daniel

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