Rebecca by Adam Carlton

I go to my special place, retrieve it and put it in her hand. She clasps it in front of her face, pursing her lips as though preparing to kiss it.

Don’t do that! It’s not clean.

Defiantly, she slowly slides the key down the fabric stretched around her body, down towards her thighs. Uses it to pluck at the hem of her nightdress, pulls it revealingly back, holds the moment, gives me a mischievous, teasing smile…


About the Author

Adam Carlton has a background in artificial intelligence. His participation in a left-wing political organisation precludes further information although he has this to say:

“In the demi-monde of a darkening Paris I write the dreams and nightmares of a society in turmoil.”

Adam has had stories published in The Ronin Express, volumes 7 and 8, and by the Aphelion Webzine.

Link to PDF of his short stories: Short Stories 2019 by Adam Carlton:

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