Lit up in Blue

Were you there at the turn of the Century?

Did you watch the fireworks explode and fill the sky with sparkles: red, white, green, silver, purple and gold? As Big Ben chimed and riverboats sounded their klaxons? Did you see the Dome, lit up in blue? Rosie and I were there, standing in the heaving throng by Blackfriars Bridge. On that damp, murky, misty, unforgettable night.

Rosie was dressed in her thick black woollen coat to keep her and our baby dry and warm. We left the celebrations early, taking the free Tube ride home, to beat the early morning rush. Our eyes glistened, tears of happiness. Our hearts were filled with hope. I recall Rosie’s sleepy head resting on my shoulder. Her wispy brown hair, tickling my nose. We held hands like teenagers. As the train glided through the long, dark night.

When we reached the end of the line, we left the station, took a narrow path past the car park, climbed the steep steps, and trudged uphill. The houses were silent, lights out: their celebrations over for another year. At the top of the hill, a gloomy alleyway led us to the high road. I looked right. The street was deserted. We approached the pelican crossing. I pressed the button, instinctively letting go of Rosie’s hand.

Protective of her and our baby, I stepped into the road first, as the lights turned red. I heard Rosie’s shrill scream behind me, turned my head, looked left. Blinded by headlights. Deafened by the sound of screeching brakes. The car swept me off my feet. I bounced on its bonnet. My head smashed against the windscreen. I’ll never forget the startled look on the teenage kid’s face.

The last person I remember seeing is Rosie.

Did you see her?

Lit up in blue.

Fatal Accident

Were you there at the turn of the Century? Between 130am and 2am on Friday 1st January 2100 at the pelican crossing near the Shell automart and self-policed parade? Did you witness the fatal accident involving two pedestrians and driverless car registration XX99 CM8? If you have any information please contact your local Drone Patrol or tweet PC (World) on Cloud 999.