Isla McNair fighting a man

Thrill Ride

‘I’d personally organised transmission of this video. Demand for fighting women had swollen like a benign cyst on the cheek of the dark web during lockdown. Fighting to the death, without rules, our specialism, simply provided the silent hordes of late-night viewers with the sickliest cream on their squalid cakes. Millions of illicit subscribers would be watching us fight for them tonight.’

‘Let’s just fight can we, Isla?’ I said.

Isla McNair fights women for money, no rules, on the dark web. She undergoes invasive treatment to increase her muscle power in preparation for her greatest challenge yet: a fight with a man in a secret lodge by a remote Scottish tarn. Isla’s one-woman fight for survival, has only just begun.

My debut novel: the action-packed love story of Isla McNair, a true fighter, at her most daring in romantic encounters – and dangerous confrontations.

Out Now on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle Thrill Ride: 9781915930088: Furl, HJ: Books

Thrill Ride: Furl, HJ: 9781915930088: Books

Isla McNair is sensational