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‘Tightly written, provocative science fiction and dark fantasies-  tales to incite a reaction and question our modern world.’ – Publicist!

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HJ Furl subjects disarmingly vulnerable characters to distressing conflict in a world of isolation and controversy. A filthy glue-sniffing girl begs you for help at dusk. A racist mother and her young children face certain robotic annihilation. Chaos breaks out on a long-haul flight when a tourist is incapacitated by bugs. Unclad soldiers hunt down a ruthless insurgent. A widower wanders through the wilderness searching for his dead wife and little boy. A male and a female contestant fight a beast in the deadliest game of chance in the world. A schoolboy is challenged to a cruel dare by a bully. Thrill seekers are infected with a deadly virus in their remote jungle retreat. An airman is fated by a mysterious wartime dancer. A three-year-old girl goes missing presumed dead in a blazing inferno. A car crash victim stalks a gigolo hell-bent on revenge…

Is It Today? they meet their fate?

What will you do when the harsh realities of modern life become too much for you to bear?

Will fantasy be your only salvation?


Is It Today? live stories feature astonishing actor Linnea Sage:

“Hi there! I’m having a fantastic time working on your book! Following all your detailed instructions. Thank you for being so thorough. Most people say things like Julie: woman, 30. So I really appreciate it.”


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Linnea performs Is it Today? & Is It Love? Isn't she sensational?!

Linnea Sage


‘flamboyant and hallucinatory’ – The Arrival
‘beautiful’ – Apocalypse
‘had me cringing and scratching’ – Bugs
‘mesmerizing’ – Coming Out of the Rub
‘whoa, that was some story!’ – Face at the Window
‘rich, deep imagery’ – Fallen Leaves
‘a roller coaster of emotion – Inferno
‘visceral and from the heart’ – Insurgent
‘rich and sumptuous’ – The Kissing Gate
‘very creepy’ – Lighthouse
‘heart-wrenching’ – Plastic Man
‘a baroque menagerie of the grotesque’ – Scraley’s Angel
‘vivid, spot-on description’ – Taut
‘how many holidays go along these lines, I wonder?’ – Thrill Seekers
‘excellent and evocative’ – Trust

The Blue Girl

As sole survivor in this zone, I walk up to the tanks alone,

To estimate the bodies lost, extrapolate the human cost,

Of nuclear warfare on the few, who live here in the fluid blue.

The sludge inside the first urn stinks, of rotting flesh, violets and pinks,

I wonder if, suspended here, this poor boy used to dream or fear,

The mushroom cloud that flourished here, as he clung to his girl… so near.

The blue girl floats within her womb, the test tube-capsuled, frozen tomb,

Inverted, nude, her lifeform squirms, her body warming up in terms,

Of radiation-blasted heat, which peeled her skin off like a sheet,

Her expectations sore-denied, her liver grilled, her kidneys fried,

As she concedes the life that died, when doctors sealed her fate inside,

A stasis tube of forlorn hope. I close my eyes, I claw and grope,

Till I find her umbilical cord, and say the sacrificial word,

Her cryogenic dreams decay, as I pull her sweetheart… away.

The Blue Girl