Twenty-eight tightly written, provocative science fiction short stories – tales to incite a reaction and question our modern world.

Not for the faint-hearted, this collection of 28 short stories is full of big, challenging and even controversial ideas. It can be unsettling at times, but if you are ready to think deeply about humanity, conflict, and connection then you will relish Furl’s stories.


HJ Furl subjects disarmingly vulnerable characters to distressing conflict in a world of isolation and controversy:

A filthy glue-sniffing girl begs you for help at dusk.

A racist mother and her young children face certain robotic annihilation.

Chaos breaks out on a long-haul flight when a tourist is incapacitated by bugs.

A widower wanders through the wilderness searching for his dead wife and little boy.

A male and a female contestant fight a beast in the deadliest game of chance in the world.

A schoolboy is challenged to a cruel dare by a bully.

Thrill seekers are infected with a deadly virus in a remote jungle retreat.

A car crash victim stalks a gigolo, hell-bent on revenge…

Is It Today they meet their fate? What will you do when the harsh realities of modern life become too much for you to bear? Will fantasy be your only salvation?

About the Author

HJ Furl left behind Essex, a land of shabby suburbs, mixed with ancient forests, that dwells in the shadows of London, the world of nail-bars, coffee shops, bald-head barber’s, toxic beauty clinics, crowded gyms where no one takes off their headphones to talk, and lived to tell the tale.

Audio Stories

I am thrilled to give you Is It Today? LIVE featuring sensational actor Linnea Sage as Narrator:

“Hi there! I’m having a fantastic time working on your book! Following all your detailed instructions. Thank you for being so thorough. Most people say things like Julie: woman, 30. So I really appreciate it.”

Linnea Sage

I write from images, cuttings from glossy magazines, leaflets, newspapers, and the incredible creations of many artists at Alamy, Unsplash and Pixabay. Their images are startling. A huge thankyou to the brilliant photographers and artists. Like the audio tracks? Then read the book! Available in paperback and e-book from Amazon:

Thank you so much for reading and listening to us.

HJ x

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Stories, poems, and audio tracks copyright HJ Furl 2019, 2020 & 2021

Jacqui in Wishes

Meet Your Voice Actor

Linnea performs Is it Today? & Is It Love? Isn't she sensational?!

Linnea Sage

Linnea Sage sensationally brings to life the disarmingly vulnerable characters, subjected to distressing conflict, in Is It Today? Linnea, a Professional Voice Over Artist, has done voiceover for a range of national commercials, cartoons, smartphone apps, online courses, and special projects.


‘flamboyant and hallucinatory’ ‘heart-wrenching’ excellent and evocative, mesmerizing’ ‘whoa, that was some story!’ rich, deep imagery’ ‘a roller-coaster of emotion’ 

The Arrival

She froze, then twitched, jerked and jumped like a shattered porcelain marionette thrown in the air by a demented puppeteer. They passed through her, knife-like, unknown entities, etching their sordid intimate imprints on her soul. Her mind grappled with the absurdity of intruders permeating her numbed brain, writhing inside her vital organs:

     What are you? Leave me alone! Get out of me, won’t you?

     The intrusion ceased as suddenly as it began. Izzy collapsed, exhausted, in an untidy heap.

     Why do I feel so tired? What’s happening to me?

     The mist lifted. The sky cleared. She stared at the heavens, the blue void filling with crescent moons, glitterball stars, gasping, awed by what came next…

     ‘Can’t take much more of this!’ she protested.

Izzy, The Arrival