Is It Today?

‘Tightly written, provocative science fiction and dark fantasies – tales to incite a reaction and question our modern world.’ – Publicist!

‘Shocking, flamboyant and smart’ *****

‘Most creative work I have ever read’ *****

‘Amazing read’ *****

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HJ Furl subjects disarmingly vulnerable characters to distressing conflict in a world of isolation and controversy.

Is It Today? they meet their fate?

What will you do when the harsh realities of modern life become too much for you to bear?

Will fantasy be your only salvation?


Is It Today? live stories feature astonishing actor Linnea Sage:

“Hi there! I’m having a fantastic time working on your book! Following all your detailed instructions. Thank you for being so thorough. Most people say things like Julie: woman, 30. So I really appreciate it.”


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The Flame-Haired Maiden in The Kissing Gate

Meet Your Voice Actor

Linnea performs Is it Today? & Is It Love? Isn't she sensational?!

Linnea Sage


‘flamboyant and hallucinatory’ – The Arrival
‘beautiful’ – Apocalypse
‘had me cringing and scratching’ – Bugs
‘mesmerizing’ – Coming Out of the Rub
‘whoa, that was some story!’ – Face at the Window
‘rich, deep imagery’ – Fallen Leaves
‘a roller coaster of emotion – Inferno
‘visceral and from the heart’ – Insurgent
‘rich and sumptuous’ – The Kissing Gate
‘very creepy’ – Lighthouse
‘heart-wrenching’ – Plastic Man
‘a baroque menagerie of the grotesque’ – Scraley’s Angel
‘vivid, spot-on description’ – Taut
‘how many holidays go along these lines, I wonder?’ – Thrill Seekers
‘excellent and evocative’ – Trust


He arrives at the gym a broken man mourning the death of his young wife. Scans his identity card, goes straight into the gym, dressed for cardio: track suit bottoms, thin-cool t-shirt, running shoes. At least, he won’t have to change in the locker room. He finds the sight of fit young men half his age, towelling their well-endowed bodies dry, embarrassing. The gym heaves with sweaty bodies. Fanatics, dripping, dropping in to oxygenate beefed-up muscles on their way to work. One treadmill, fitted with a tv screen, is free. He swoops, hangs his turquoise hand towel round his neck, selects manual. The belt starts to run. He presses quick start, selects a speed of 4.0, incline of 6.0, jogs. The tv is tuned to a lively breakfast debate on healthy eating. Finding it distracting, he switches off, gets into his stride. The carbon screen matches his sombre mood. After 32.17 minutes, he has run 2.1km, burnt off 329.3 calories. At that exact moment Elspeth’s ghostly apparition appears on the screen, mouths come to me, my love, and the gym disappears. The screen expands until it swallows him up. Time elapsed: 32.18 minutes. Distance: 2.11km.     Calories burned: 1329.3. Heart rate: 123, 129, 134, 137, 142, 146, 155, 158, 164, 167, 176, 178, 185, 197, 208, 211, 219.